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Operation and maintenance personnel (operators, artisans and technicians) development path.

· Mechanised mining and earth moving equipment operation. (unit standard aligned training and competency based).The design and development of job profiles and training of the mechanised mining and earth moving equipment operators, for an example Drill Rigs, Front end loaders, Dozer, Grader, Roof bolters, Load, Haul and Dump (LHDs), Charging units, Sciscor lifts and Dump trucks. This include skills programmes as registered by relevant SETAs as part of the operator training, training involves knowledge component (theory) and practical component on the machine back in the workplace.

· Mechanised mining and earth moving equipment maintenance, electrical and hydraulic training.

· General electrical and mechanical training for artisans and operatives.

· Mining Operations short course including ventilation control, gas testing, hand drilling and hand support including environmental management programme to improve conduciveness in the workplace);

· Lathes, Milling machines, Shapers, and Pedestal Drills

· Occupational health and Safety.

· ABET level 1 to 4 (including the level 4 qualification)

Registered qualifications and skills programmes.

· General Education and Training Certificate: Mining and Minerals Processing

· National Certificate: Mining operations underground Hardrock level 2

· National Certificate: Rock breaking level 3

· National Certificate: Secondary blasting

· National certificate: Introduction to Mining and Minerals Sector

· National Certificate: Technical Mining Support: Survey

· National Certificate: Technical Mining Support: Geology

· National Certificate: Technical Mining Support: Sampling

· Skills Programmes:

§ Conduct occupational health and safety representative activities in the mining and mineral sector

§ Trackless mobile machine operations underground Hardrock

§ Competent person A and B (The examination and declaring a workplace safe and The installation, removal and maintenance of roof support in and underground Hardrock operations)

§ Blasting assistant skills programme.

§ New venture creation.

Trainer development path.

· Assessor training;

· Moderator training;

· Occupational Directed Education, Training and Development Practice training (Training the Trainer) levels 3, and 4

· Coach the learner.

· Learner support.

Management development path.

· Supervisory training (the effectiveness of the supervisor in the workplace, support of sub-ordinates and development of stuff including assessment of competency in the operators and or general mine workers, dealing with literate employees and advancing and utilising employee’s potential and capabilities);

· Leadership development;

· Diversity and Employment Equity Management;

· Skills Development Act implementation and the link to other related legislation;

Emergency Medical Services and Training

· First aid training Level 1, 2 and 3

· HIV/AIDS awareness training.

· Basic Ambulance Attendance Certificate.

Emergency Medical (Ambulance) Services.

· Emergency Medical (Ambulance) Service. We supply life support through accessible and affordable emergency ambulance services to Communities and Corporate based.


HRD department development.

· Quality Management System design/development (Implementation and pre audit).

· Needs Analysis and or Research,

· Project and event management,

· Skills Audit

· Workplace Skills Plan development and implementation.

· Annual Training Report generation.

· Recognition of Prior Learning.

· Development of individualised training plans (Career path development including mentoring and coaching)

Meeting the government and legislature’s requirement for an employer.

· Development of Employment Equity Plans

· Alignment of ETD/HRD functions with relevant legislatures.

· Development of ETD/HRD policies and procedures and related documentation.

· Assessment instruments and learning material development.

· Capacity building. (For skills development committee and employment equity members as a requirement for levy/grant application for subsidising the training and development initiatives).

Community support initiatives for the achievement of SLP.

· Educate and work closely with the community with regard to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including Human Immune Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS).

· Project and event Management; and

· Business Management skills (SMMEs) including Financial Management in a small business. (Development of financial management documentation electronically (computerised management programme and database design).)

· Baseline study, to determine the literacy levels and culture of the people working within the industry, so to ensure that their wellbeing is taken care of.

Other services including SMMEs development path

· Database development and financial system and controls programming. (Software Development)

· General Office and stationery supplies;

· Supply of computer hardware and consumables;

· Digital cameras, scanners, projectors and screens/display systems;

· Registration of Close Corporations, Companies and Cooperatives;

· Micro Enterprise development and advisory services;

· Business plans; and

· Company profiles

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